Penetration Testing

We provide custom solutions for network reconnaissance, along with advanced network exploitation techniques to help you find security holes that hackers might exploit in order to gain access to your most valued information. We can conduct these tests remotely, or on-site. We used state of the art practices to keep you informed and in control of your network. As these services require customization for the individual client, please contact us about these services!

Physical Surveillance

Destin Enterprise Systems is a leading innovator in installing and configuring high performance security surveillance networks. Our company has extensive experience in the installation of surveillance camera systems for both, traditional coaxial analog closed-circuit television systems and the advent of digital IP-based network cameras with advanced digital recording, infrared (IR) night-vision, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and other features.
Our installation specialists have the capability to install a variety of surveillance camera systems. The capabilities of these systems vary in scale and also the amount of features, which depends on the scope of your company or agency’s operations. From a single monitoring camera for a small retail operation, to advanced motion-detection systems networked at strategic points on facility and enterprise perimeters with interior security points and central monitoring management stations either on premises or remotely based.

Network Surveillance

We also provide custom solutions for network surveillance which can be implemented remotely or on site, to evaluate security issues proactively. Please contact for more information.